Sunday, April 8, 2007

Mine Eyes Glazed Over

Can't think anymore....It's late on Sunday night and I think everything on the website is ready to go. I've been working on it for days getting pictures together and trying to figure out the clearest way to explain and present what I am doing. It's especially hard setting prices given that I'm two months away from having part assembled and ready to ship. While I've done my best to figure my costs I am almost certain something unforeseen will pop up to throw me off. Labor, shipping, printing, who knows. But the order is going in to the factory this week and I need to take pre-orders on the deluxe sets so I know how many people really want one.

The first Mego Museum newsletter goes out tomorrow and there's lots of great stuff in it. Brian and I wanted to step up the Museum's promotion of Benjamin's book (Worlds Greatest Toys!) and it seemed like a great opportunity to make use of the mailing list we put together for the Star Trek cards in December. Not wanting it to be the only thing in the newsletter we hit upon the idea of doing a profile of Rob Chatlin, a great Mego collector and a good freind to us over the years. That will probably be the favorite of all and deservedly so, Brian did a great job. We are also covering the Logan 5 discovery and the aforementioned Mego Meet. Last but not least, a little thing I've been obsessively working on since August, the Displaysets...

So we'll see how it goes. Reaction to my customs has been very strong and many people have approached me seriously wanting to be on the list to get them. I hope that all translates to reality, I'm certainly optimistic.

And tired.



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