Sunday, August 10, 2008

Another Review! Matt got his Space Command!

Another Space Command Review! This time from Matthew Amy at
Matt's one of my most enthusiastic and patient customers and I'm thrilled that he's so thrilled with his set. This guy knows his playsets, check out his Playmate's scaled custom Bridge nd plans for a Temple of Doom! Say, that gives me an idea...Here's his review:


Well, I finally got the last piece to the displayset- thought that I would have had some more Megos by now besides the Captain- but this will work for now.

Anyway, as I have posted in an earlier segment- Scott Adams at has done an INCREDIBLE job making vinyl playsets that are right at home for the old 1970’s action figures. The set pictured above is the complete (and none too vague) “Space Command Displayset”, complete with separate Transporter room.

The original Mego toys were noted for their kid-friendly, durable and fun accessories. The playsets which were made to accompany them featured well designed features which usually included some funky artwork for the wall set-up, encased in vinyl. Mego did this for a number of their character lines including Batman, Star Trek, and Planet of the Apes, if not more.

In keeping with this traditional aesthetic, Didadisplays has proudly announced their brand new line of displaysets for the Megos themed after the different lines- with newly designed layouts that are modular in structure and can be ordered, and combined in various different ways. With my Space Command Playset, I neglected to build it vertically so I went without the roof-pieces, but could just have easily used those to complete a several-story tall structure.

With any piece like this that you find offered over the internet which is from a start-up company (that you’re unsure of the quality of the pieces...) you have to wonder if what you are going to get will really be worth the premium that you pay for. Will the item be shipped on-time? In good shape? Well, I was willing to take the chance. It’s not often that you see such ambition in custom projects that are then offered to the public, so I wanted to do my part to contribute. And you know what? It was an excellent choice. Although there were a few production snags in the beginning (as there must always be for this type of thing) my Didadisplayset shipped in a relatively short time from when I ordered it- it was shipped professionally, packed great, and was easy to assemble with the online instructions. Scott’s communication was excellent and never was I left to wonder for too long what the status of the shipment was.

Once set-up, the piece was truly a wonder to behold. There’s not much more to say other than this is a first-rate, top-notch quality set. Although the Didadisplays are basically fairly simple in design, the homemade artwork which Scott (a professional graphic designer) has used, really steals the show. In all, I truly believe that this is better than anything Mego had put out themselves while the company was still in action.


Thanks so much, Matt!

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