Sunday, January 18, 2009

Carry THIS Batcave Home! Dida News Update.

It's been a while since I've done an update, but this new Batcave Carry Case Playset from The Toyroom is too good not to shout about! Anthony has done a number of fabulous custom playsets using Dida Display carrying case boxes. Stunning in it's ambition, it's two display boxes strapped together into a 20"x22" case that opens up into a massive set that includes a drop down cave entrance for the Batmobile. The artwork is full of comic accurate details sure to please the geekyest of Batman geeks. Check it out! If the Stately Caverns from Dida Displays doesn't float your boat (or fly your Bat) this might do the trick!

An update on the Star Trek Style crew chairs: The toolmaker who was contracted to make the mold has finally relocated his shop and is almost back up and running. I cannot say when chairs might be a reality, I'm certainly pushing as hard as I reasonably can. The good folks who put up the pre-order money have all agreed to remain patient. I hope to have good news soon.

Things have been slow on the new product front from me. An Apes playset and a Legion of Doom are still works in progress. They are very promising, but generating the artwork has been backburnered due to work and family priorities. I hope to make some progress in the next two months.

I do have a new version of the TRIBOX to show you. The Tri-box can now be taken apart and put back together as a stage display. This can be done using any existing Dida Artwork combination.

I do anticipate having some more time in February to build playsets. If you have been thinking of ordering one of my existing sets please let me know. I'd like to do a bunch at once if I can get advance notice. My policy is to take a deposit of $50 on large sets and $25 on smaller ones and then get the balance when the set if completed and ready to ship. That can be 6-8 weeks depending on my schedule.