Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spider-Man still going strong

My 17 month old son claimed this Mego Spider-Man for his own. It's actually the oldest Mego I have. I bought him in 1983 in Belen, New Mexico at a dime store. I had given my Megos away a few years earlier in a gesture to grow up and stop playing with dolls, but I justified the purchase because I was drawing a lot of comic books and wanted him as a model to pose. My mom even sewed up the costume so it was more tight fitting. He hung by a string over my drawing baord for years, eventually all the color faded from his hands due to the sunlight and the seams have started to give. But he's a good Mego and he's my son's very own "Spy-aderrr--manAH".

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Chair Project Fails

So, I'm sad to report that I think the chair project is officially a failure. After 6 months I've finally had it with the endless excuses and what I suspect to be lies coming from the man who I paid to make the molds for these plastic chairs. Needless to say I made a mistake taking him at his word and paying upfront for almost all of the fee he agreed to. I had faith that as a professional with 25 years experience as a mold maker he'd come through. So I will be forced to refund money out of my own pocket to my customers and chalk it up as yet another expensive learning experience.

If you found this post because you are considering hiring Dave LaRoche of Newark, California for your injection molding plastic project take my advice and don't.

While he is a nice guy with the equipment and expertise to do the job he's not reliable at all. After countless emails pushing to get paid he became impossible to get a hold of after that. He came up with a series of pathetic excuses why he couldn't do the job, from sickness, to lost parts, to several 'buddies' that he need to borrow stuff from, to his shop having to move entirely in a landlord dispute. Worst of all, he complained that the price he bid was too low, effectively taking my money and then refusing to do the job because it wasn't enough.

I'll be contacting my pre-order customers individually about their refunds. Thanks.

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